• Request for Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening Ceremony

    As a benefit to our members to, the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce is proud to celebrate your business & generate publicity by hosting a Ribbon Cutting, Grand Opening Ceremony, Anniversary Celebration, and more!

    To ensure your event is planned for success, requests should be made to our staff AT LEAST 3 to 4 weeks prior to the date requested to allow sufficient time for marketing and for invitees to save the date.
    What Services the Chamber Provides:
    The Chamber will provide: Ribbon, scissors and a new member plaque. The Chamber Staff will also invite a list of local dignitaries. The Ribbon Cutting event will be listed on the Chamber website, Facebook & Instagram pages & ChamberLink Newsletter.
    What Your Business Should Provide:
    While not required, we encourage you to have refreshments available, and signage or balloons (near the business front) are festive and help to draw attention to your event! The business is encouraged to invite additional guests including friends, neighboring businesses, customers, vendors, etc.. If you prefer to have a closed, by-invitation only, ceremony instead please make our staff aware ASAP otherwise we will advertise the event as open to the public.
    Proposed Dates
    Ceremonies are scheduled between Monday to Thursday. Propose (3) dates & times for the event below. ----- Unsure what time and day of the week to choose? Our staff often recommends Thursdays at 4:00 PM as this *tends* to be an ideal window to accommodate our local dignitaries' busy schedules (they're eager to attend!).
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    Event Location:
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    Point of Contact for Event Planning:
    If different than form submitter, please list a point of contact so we may keep in communication during event planning.
    If you have an existing/draft for your event flyer, you may upload that file instead, otherwise our staff will make an event flyer with your logo.
    e.g. Will you or someone be delivering remarks or offering tours, demonstrations, etc.
    Will your event be open to the public? *
    (Will your event be open to the public?)